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Malaysia Truly Asia

Malaysia - land of endless summers and perpetual sunshine. The palm fringed shores edging clear blue seas beckon enticingly. In the distant mist shrouded hills behind cool green jungles, cast a soothing air of quiet serenity. Fishing villages enclosed within coconut groves along the coast, conjure up pictures of a quiet and idyllic lifestyle where the mood is tranquil and the pace unhurried. Numerous fresh water lagoons cairn and undisturbed, invite moments of quiet introspection. Over the far horizon, the golden rays of sunrise in the early dawn bring promises of fun-filled days, while the soft warm glow of the leisurely fading light at sunset bathe the surroundings in glorious shades ofgolden amber, orange and red -lovely end to a heavenly day.

Mile upon mile of white sandy beaches, secluded bays and hidden coves offer endless possibilities for fun and frolic in the sun, sea and surf. There are so many things to see and do; so many adventures to pursue.,... so many mysteries to explore and so many hidden secrets to unravel. And..... at the end of it all, take time off to just sit back, relax or laze around on the warm sand, in the shade of the tall swaying palrns.,,.,with the gentle breezes fanning your cheeks and the foaming waves bathing your feet. Let the sound of the surf washing the shore, the casuarinas whispering in the wind, the birds chirping in the trees lull you to sleep.

MalaysiaMany little islands dot the coastline, sometimes in close knit clusters, sometimes solitary. The cool waters surrounding these picturesque islands support a fascinating variety of beautiful corals and other marine life within its depths, The glassy quality of these waters makes these reefs in Malaysian waters ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. The underwater treasures of Malaysia, offer photographers endless hours of fascinating photography and the diver equally fascinating hours of exploring the secrets of the deep.

Leave your worldly cares behind you..... Come away to Malaysia's golden beaches and islands in the sun and let them ensnare you in their charms.

Most states in the country have beautiful beaches and remote islands to call their very own - each with their own unique attractions and charm. KEDAH at the northern end of the Peninsula has the famous Pantai Merdeka although much of the attention has been taken by the legendary island of Langkawi, the main island in a group of 104 islands clustered in the north of the Malacca Straits, close to the Andaman Sea. Penang

Further south is the island of PENANG, the Pearl of the Orient. Penang is a resort island in full bloom with its string of beach front international class hotels. There is however, a hidden side to it - the north west coastline has a number of beautiful beaches and secluded coves, accessible only by jungle trails and available only to the adventurous and energetic,

The state of PERAK has Teluk Batik at Lurriut along the coast and the islands of Pangkor and Pangkor Laut in the Straits of Malacca. Both islands offer ample opportunities for seeking the pleasures of the sun, the sand and the sea in plush resorts or dictating your own pace in the camping sites,

The beaches at Morib in SELANGOR are relatively deserted and more popular as picnic spots for family outings or for long solitary walks. Offshore islands are more well known as centres of economic activity such as Ketam Island which has fishing as its main activity and Carey Island which supports the palm oil industry.

NEGERI SEMBILAN's beaches at Port Dickson are popular weekend retreats for those seeking to escape the pressures of city life. The surrounding area is also of historical significance and visits to the various historical sites would prove illuminating.

MALACCA, the land of the bullock carts - once an important mode of transport, has three beautiful beaches to boast of. There is Tanjong Bidara, a relatively secluded cove with a fishing village nearby. Tanjung JQing - the beach where crowds used to converge in droves, on gaily decorated bullock carts to the accompaniment of the lilting tunes of 'Dondang Sayang' for the annual 'Pesta Mandi Safar', Then there is the stretch of beach at Klebang Besar - a beautiful white stretch of soft sand and wonderfully deserted. Further out to sea is Besar Island, a resort in the making.

In JOHOR, the most beautiful beaches are found on the east coast - Teluk Mahkota and Tanjung Penawar. Offshore from Mersing are the beautiful paradise islands of Rawa Island, Sibu Tengah Island, Sibu Besar Island, Tinggi Island, Aur Island and Besar Island. Mersing is also the take- off point for Tioman island although technically the island belongs to the state ofPahang.

Tioman IslandBesides Tioman Island, PAHANG also lays claim to some of the more beautiful beaches along the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the notable ones being Teluk Chempedak, Cherating, Chendor and Balok. A number of resorts have sprung up over the years along the coast and the famous Club Mediteranee is sited at Cherating. However, those who prefer to rough it out or those wishing to sample the delights of the true Malaysian Kampung can also find something catering to their needs.

In addition to having spectacular beaches like Chendering and Pantai Batu Buruk, TERENGGANU also has its fair share of lovely offshore islands, rich in secluded coves and unspoilt bays with some of nature's best kept secrets hidden in their depths. Of these. Perhentian Island, Redang Island and Kapas Island are the best known.

KELANTAK. the northernmost state on the East Coast boasts of romantic beaches Mth Ivrical names - Pantai Cinta Berahi

(Beach of Passionate Love). Pantai Irama and Pantai Bisikan Bayu (Beach of the Whispering Breeze.) Numerous picturesque fishing villages are also located close by.

SABAH, the east Malaysian state in the island of Borneo is also renowned for its beaches and the numerous off-shore islands in the surrounding seas. These islands; Sipadan Island, the group of islands forming Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and the Turtle Islands each have their own share of unique attractions. The abundance and variety of marine life found in these waters also make the area the perfect retreat for those in search of the wonders of the deep.

SARAWAK, famed for its longhouses and magnificent caves has long been a favourite destination for those in search of history, adventure.... something different. Yet when all is said and done, when you have explored all there is to explore and done all the different things you've always wanted to do, what better way is there to unwind and relax than spending a brief spell at the beaches of Santubong

Langkawi Island, the island of the legendary princess Mahsuri is the main island of a group of 104 islands in the northern part of the Malacca Straits, close to the Andaman Sea. It is an island known for its natural beauty as well as for its enduring legends. The most well known legend is that of the beautiful Mahsuri, accused of a crime she did not commit. As the white blood of her innocence flowed

oul of her dying body, Mahsuri laid a curse on the island - Langkawi would be bare and barren for seven generations. Soon after, the Siamese attacked the island and ravaged it. Seven generations have since come to pass and the island is blossoming again as a result of recent development projects aimed at making it one of the prime destinations There is much to see and do on this idyllic tropical paradise - an island of unspoilt natural beauty with sandy beaches, limestone hills and lush vegetation filled with an abundant variety of flora and fauna. Many places are worth visiting if one is so inclined. Most of these places are somehow tied up with the fascinating legends which abound on the island.

. 'Padang Masirat' (the field of burnt rice) is the place where the villagers purportedly burnt their rice fields when it was clear that they could no longer hold off their invaders. This ensured that the invaders did not reap the bountiful harvest. Today, it is said that traces of burnt rice still surface after a heavy downpour.

. Another famous attraction is Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) where a freshwater stream cascades 91m down, through a series of seven pools - a most picturesque spot - ideal for picnicking and bathing.

. Telaga Air Panas (Hot Springs) is said to owe its existence to another fascinating legend. In those-days, a rejected offer of marriage brings dire consequences because such a rejection results in shame. Thus a bitter quarrel ensued between the two families and pots and pans were flung asunder. During the commotion, a jugful of hot water was flung to the ground where it broke and the hot water seeped into the ground. That, according to the local folks was the origin of the hot springs.

. Over at the island of Tasik Dayang Bunting (Lake of the Pregnant Maiden) is a tranquil lake of enchanting beauty. The cool green waters of the lake is pleasantly inviting. The lake however is more popular among childless couples who frequent it with the hope of being granted their dearest wish. According to a legend, a couple who remained childless after 19 years of marriage came to the lake and were subsequently blessed with a child after the wife had taken a drink from the lake.

. Near the lake is GuaLangsir,( Cave of the Banshee) a huge cave towering 91m in height. It houses thousands of bats within its dark awesome interior - hence its reputation of being haunted.

The entire island is most fascinating and begs to be explored. Hire a car and take a drive around the island. The roads are good, the scenery beautiful

. there are rustic Malay kampongs, rubber estates, scenic padi fields and water buffaloes wallowing in the mud! Motorcycles or bicycles are also available for hire. Take your pick and give yourself the time of your life. If you have had enough of the local legends and horror stories and your feet ache from visiting those famous sights, perhaps it is time to relax - bask in the sun, or comb the beaches at your own leisure.The island abounds with beautiful secluded beaches -just pick one to call your very own. There is Pantai Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Tengah, Pantai Cenang and Pantai Pasir Hitam - a beach literally covered with black sand; and Pantai Batu Kerikil which is strewn with pebbles. The other islands namely, Beras Besar Island, Singa Island and Langgun Island also offer endless hours of pleasure in the sun, the sand and the sea.

The islands are ideal for such activities as snorkelling and scuba diving. The crystal clear waters provide fascinating hours of exploring the mysteries of the deep.

Facilities for boating, snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, wind surfing and para sailing are provided by some of the resort hotels dotting the island. There are also yachts and catamarans for hire. Enquries for these may be made at your hotel reception.

The seas around the island are among the best fishing grounds within the area. Have a whale of a time at sea and come back with a bountiful catch for your dinner. Your hotel staff may be able to provide information or assist in arranging for fishing trips.

Treat yourself to pony rides along the beach and relax with the rhythm of the slow trots as you leave all your cares behind,

Trek along unknown jungle paths and admire the variety of flora and fauna of Langkawi's tropical forests.

I fyou enjoy shopping,then Langkawiis the place for you. There is a wide variety of duty free items waiting to be snapped up for a song. These are among some of the things you can see or do on the mystical island of Langkawi. The list is endless.

You can get to Langkawi by air. MAS operates flights from Kuala Lumpur and Penang to Langkawi. SIA also operates flights to Langkawi from Singapore.

By Ferry Ferries offer regular services from Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis on the mainland. The trip from Kuala Kedah takes about one hour and cost MS12.00 per person. From Kuala Perlis, it takes about 45 minutes and cost MSlO.OO per person.

From Kuala Lumpur, it is also possible to get to Alor Setar by road and by rail. From Alor Setar proceed to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis by bus or taxi to board the ferry to Langkawi,

For further information please contact:

- MTPB (Northern Region) Tel: 04-619067,620066. Telex; 41094 MTPB PEN
- Tourism Unit, Kedah Darulaman State Secretariat Wisraa Negeri, 05503 Alor Setar Tel: 04-722088. Telex: SUKED MA 44265.
- MTPB (Langkawi Office) Kuah Jetty Terminal, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman. Tel: 04-798789
- Langkawi District Office, Kuah. 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman- Tel: 04-788963

Payar Island , about 1 hour by boat from Kuala Kedah deserves special mention. This little island forms part of the four island group gazetted as Marine Parks. Its waters support a multitude of colourful marine life in its soft coral gardens.

Things to See and Do

South of the island, not too far off? shore lies a breathtakingly beautiful coral garden. It has the reputation of supporting the largest number of coral species in the country. The crystal clear waters makes it ideal for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and underwater photography.

Enjoy quiet picnics on the beach where picnic tables and bathroom facilities have been thoughtfully provided for visitors.

No accommodation is available on the island. Visitors however have the option of camping in the great outdoors although it is necessary to obtain prior permission from the Fisheries Department at Alor Setar or Kuala Lumpur.

The establishment of Marine Parks was conceived as a means of preserving and protecting areas of natural beauty from the impact of Development. Another important objective is the upgrading and preservation of the natural habitat of endangered species of aquatic life. Specific zones have thus been earmarked for research and educational activities as well as for recreation.

Whilst every effort has been made to enable visitors to enjoy this gift of nature, the Fisheries Act of 1985 prohibits the following:-

- Anchoring of boats over coral areas
- Water skiing
- Speed boat racing
- Spear fishing
- Fishing
- Carrying and using weapons that endanger aquatic life
- Collection of corals and other aquatic life
- Littering
- Lighting fires on the beach

For further information, kindly contact:

Fisheries Management & Protection Branch
Fisheries Department, Wisma Tani
Jalan Mahameru
50628 Kuala Lumpur


Wisma Persekutuan
Jalan Kampong Baru
05000 Alor Setar
Kedah DarulAman

How To Get There

Several Tour Agencies in Penang and Kuala Lumpur organise diving tours to the island. Kindly contact the following:-

- Asian Overland Services 33 M, Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman Satu Off Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman 50300 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03-2925622
- Fame Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd No. 10, Lower Ground Floor Pernas International Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur Tel: 03-2613317/18/19 Pernas DUE Cruises Sdn. Bhd. operate cruises from Penang Mutiara Beach Resort or Pelangi Beach Resort at Pantai Cenang on Langkawi Island to Payar Island

For enquiries, please contact:

- Pelangi Beach Resort Pantai Cenang 07000 Pulau Langkawi Kedah DarulAman Tel: 04-911001

Carparking facilities at departure point. Visitors may safely park their cars at the Penang Mutiara Beach Resort premise. However please ensure that your vehicle is locked and do not leave your car keys with the parking attendants.

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